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*Wichita’s only locally owned Broadcast TV Station
   that began broadcasting on Aug 12th, 1992 . 
  *KCTU TV5 is 30 years old as of 8/12/2022.
  *The KCTU business office is located at 934 N      
   Water Street, Wichita, Ks.. 
  * KCTU antenna is 320 ft AGL on the Garvey Bldg.    
     at 250 W.  Douglas, Wichita, Kansas.


Digital  Television Station
TEN Great Channels

What is KCTU TV5

KCTU TV5 is Wichita’s only locally owned Television Broadcast Station.
KCTU TV5 airs 10 channels from 5.1 thru 5.10.
KCTU TV5  has a broadcast coverage of nearly 50 miles in all directions over South-Central Kansas.
KCTU TV5 produces Live IN-Studio shows as well as Live Sports, Parades and other events.
KCTU TV5 is Local Power Television and the Worlds first television station to Stream 24/7/365.

KCTU TV5 is the first commercial TV station in the World to stream it’s programming 24/7/365.  Today it streams on the leading servers as well as it’s own home page.

Live Magazine Show

“Your Hour” was aired initially in 1983  by Ron Nutt and MBS productions  for Ted Turner’s  “SPN Network”.  It was aired by Satellite  Worldwide!

TV5 produces “Your Hour” a 60 min magazine show that airs  LIVE weekdays at 12:00 noon on 5.2. 
       Sheryl Nutt hosts “Your Hour”.

“Your Hour” can be viewed live World Wide on KCTU.com

Mouthy Broads Show

TV5 produces “Mouthy Broads” a weekly 60 min fast moving show on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm on 5.2.. “Mouthy Broads” is hosted by Sheryl Nutt with co-hosts Jamie Whitfield and Kim Gordon.

Mouthy Broads take Zoom, Phone and Cell Calls.
Call 1-316-337-5501 during the show to join in.

Great Movies FREE  
on TV5

KCTU5 digital channels  show late and classic 
Movies FREE for all ages of the viewing public.
“This TV” is on channel  5.1 
“Positive TV” is on channel 5.3
“Classic RerunTV is on channel 5.4

FREE movies 24 hours a day are shown on KCTU TV5

Action Channels

Carries two Action Networks

“GET TV” Network on 5.2

“Z Living” Network on 5.5

 Each with classic blockbuster hit series from the 1970s to 1990s.

Classic Reruns

Classic Rerun Network

Classic Rerun Network show series in black and white or color from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.  Many of these are our old favorites.  Seen on ch 5.4

Country Music Network
Country Music channel  plays Music Videos catering to the Country Music Fans 24/7.  Country Music is on 5.6

Speciality  Networks

NewsNet Network –   ch5.8
NewsNet Network carrys up to date National News, Weather and Sports!

Info Wars with Alex Jones is a very conservative network that is our most controversial channel..

Watch KCTU TV5 Stream

Watch KCTU TV5 in Wichita, Kansas Stream simply by clicking on this button ! 

KCTU TV5 can be as KCTU5 seen on any of these streaming sites.




KCTU TV5 Business Office and Production studio is located at 934 North Water, Wichita, Kansas.

The location is at the SE corner of the intersection of West 9th and North Water Street.  Free on- site parking is provided. See the attached map for details.

Should you have any problems locating the address please give us a call at 316-337-5501.

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